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North Georgia Pet Cremations – Questions & Answers



Will You Pick Up My Pet's Body?

Yes. We will most likely go to your veterinarian’s office (there is a nominal fee charged for this). Make sure that you have removed anything that you want to keep, such a collar, tags, blanket, etc. We will cremate most items with your pet, if you wish.


What Will The Ashes Look Like?

Since the ashes are essentially the inorganic elements of the body, they are primarily from the skeletal structure. We process them so that no fragments are recognizable. Ashes range from a talcum powder texture to larger fragments.


May I Provide My Own Receptacle For The Ashes?

Yes. Your veterinarian can advise you on the size you will need, or call us and we will help you. If scattering will be the final resting place of the ashes, an urn will not be needed.


Where Can I Scatter My Pet's Ashes?

Cremated remains can be scattered or buried almost anywhere except on private property without the owner’s permission.


What Does Pet Cremation Cost?

The cremation fee is determined by three factors:

  • *Private individual cremation or **communal cremation
  • Weight of your pet
  • Transportation costs

*A Private Cremation is cremation of an individual pet. The owner has the option of receiving the ashes in a temporary urn that is delivered to the veterinarian’s office.

** A Communal Cremation is cremation of a pet along with another animal and the ashes are not returned to the family.

For example, a private cremation for a 25-pound pet with the ashes returned to the family’s veterinarian is $150, including pickup. An animal of the same size using the communal cremation method is $75, including pickup.

The only factor that might change the above estimates would be transportation to and from neighboring counties and the weight of a much heavier animal.


Where Is North Georgia Pet Cremations Located?

Our crematory is located near the Jackson-Hall County line, convenient to almost all of northeast Georgia. Most of our business is conducted through veterinarians’ offices, but if you need to come to us for any reason, please make an appointment. We are available 24 hours a day.

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